CLINTON — Clinton officials on Monday tentatively wrapped up the city’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget process, reviewing and approving several funds.

One of those receiving intensive discussion at the Monday afternoon planning session was the Sewer Fund, thanks in part to upcoming sewer-related projects in the city mandated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. At the session, the Clinton City Council approved a FY 2019 budget for the fund that would see a 7.5-percent sewer rate increase throughout the city.

Clinton Finance Director Anita Dalton and City Administrator Matt Brooke explained the ramifications of the rate increase. The pair mapped out a plan that would cost the average Clinton resident roughly $33.66 extra during the fiscal year. However, the plan also came with a proposal to lower solid waste fees by $2 per month, a savings of $24.

Pairing those numbers together, the average resident should expect to pay an extra $9.66 for sewer fees during FY 2019 if they use the city’s services for both sewer and solid waste.

The rate increase is expected to bring in funds to help aid in the city’s completion of the DNR Long Term Control Plan.

“This would be something where we could say that we are moving forward with a plan to complete all DNR consent decree items,” Brooke said Monday. “It would be a small, small increase.”

Clinton Water Quality Superintendent Bob Milroy said the increase tentatively approved by the council Monday should suffice for the foreseeable future.

“Theoretically, we should not have to raise rates again for the Long Term Control Plan,” Milroy said. “I can’t stand here and say we’ll never have to raise (rates), but for the Long Term Control Plan, the plan is, ‘No, we will not have to.”