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CLINTON — Two weeks after a Parks and Recreation work session, the Camanche City Council has voted against approving the first reading of a proposed amended ordinance.

Linda Putman, from Camanche Parks and Recreation, brought it to Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida’s attention that an old ordinance had references to Garner Hall. The city reviewed the ordinance and found references to the Parks and Recreation committee being able to hire and fire a director of the Parks and Recreation.

“We had a meeting about changes that should be made, brought that to council, we had had a work session, council had some other additions along with the recommendations that Linda and I worked on together,” Kida said. “And so we drafted up the ordinance based on what the council presented at the last work session, at the last meeting. This was presented to Park and Rec Committee. They had submitted to you and I’ve included some input from them as well. So this is the ordinance that we drafted up. And what it does is it in consultation with the attorneys they made the recommendation we just remove all the language and replace the languages because there are quite a number of things removed from that old ordinance and it was easier just to renumber them and make those additions.”

Kida said the ordinance was originally drafted in 1974, with some additions made in the 1980s and later. The new community center became a substitution for Garner Hall in 2016. The responsibility for the community center was removed from Parks and Recreation and brought to City Hall due to the activity and business aspect of the facility.

“When I was talking about when the ordinance was written a lot of that was done before with a different form of government,” Kida said. “So that was really one of the reasons why we went to make some of these changes.”

Camanche resident Eddi Stearns asked if the city will have control of the parks now and if people should come to the council if they want to change anything in the parks instead of the Parks and Recreation committee. Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis stated if they want to change the park’s function they will have to come before the council for approval, including the proposed dog park. Stearns said the Parks and Recreation was advised by Kida not to present the dog park to the City Council until they got funding started and their budget was set.

“We were going to try to fundraise to get it started,” Stearns said. “That’s how Andrew (Kida) advised us to go ahead. He’s like you should have some money so that way you just don’t go to the council asking for money. You should start your own.”

Kida stated he received a spreadsheet approximately two months ago giving guidelines. He said prior to receiving the spreadsheet he was told the cost could be $10,000, then $12,000 and then $26,000. He stated two months ago is when he first received any kind of outline on what the amount could be.

“There was no plan in place. There was no plan for anything,” Kida said. “There was no plan on a piece of paper. There was no drawing. There was no nothing. And there was no estimate on how much it was going to cost.”

A motion to approve the first reading of the proposed amended ordinance failed on a 3-2 vote. Council members Brent Brightman, Tammy Campie and Amber Metzger voted against the approval of the first reading. Council members Paul Varner and Danny Weller voted in favor of approving the first reading. The city will have an additional work session at a future council meeting regarding the ordinance.