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CLINTON — Clinton City Councilman John Rowland has voiced his opposition to the city’s strategy to find a replacement for retiring Police Chief Brian Guy. He reiterated during Tuesday’s regular council meeting that he doesn’t believe Clinton will gather enough quality candidates, a reason Rowland resists the notion of hiring a search firm to gather applicants.

But, since it is already the will of the council to hire Moulder & Associates to handle the task, Rowland at least is on board with the city’s latest search development. During the meeting, council members voted 4-2 to add Cayler Consulting to conduct candidate assessments.

“I personally am not clear in my mind what particular qualifications we’re looking for in our police chief,” Rowland said, citing a recent study that indicates Clinton police are under staffed. “There’s absolutely no question that we have several problems within the police department, especially with record keeping that need to be addressed ...

“But I agree with the part that’s been added to the resolution.”

Rowland voted “yes” for both hires, alongside Paul Gassman, Ed O’Neill and Julie Allesee. Lynn McGraw and Tom Determann voted “no.” Grant Wilke was absent.

McGraw’s reasoned the city was attempting something it hadn’t budgeted for. The cost to hire both firms is roughly $19,000.

City finance director Anita Dalton confirmed the resolution forces the city to make a budget amendment for Fiscal Year 2015. McGraw believes the decision could be a waste of dollars.

“We’re doing something we didn’t budget for,” McGraw said. “I think it’s something where we’re probably going to hire local anyway.”

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