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Saints of Stilettos

Saints of Stilettos

Ashford men don high heels for good cause

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CLINTON — Dorothy would have lost her mind.

At Ashford University, dozens of grown men — various ages and sizes — took a page out of the “Wizard of Oz” on Tuesday, replacing their sneakers with bright red stilettos. Their yellow brick road was a parking lot, and their pace resembled anything but a musical skip — more like a drunken race to something other than the Emerald City.

Their purpose was much more direct. The annual “Heels For Her: Saints in Stilettos” campus event gathers a bulk of the student body to raise domestic violence awareness.

Saints of Stilettos

Male Ashford University faculty members “try” to race each other in 4-inch stiletto shoes. The annual “Saints in Stilettos” event raises awareness against domestic violence, with funds donated to local assault resource centers.

“It’s a way to impact students more and make it so guys will understand the struggle that some girls go through,” said Elizabeth Nardi, a junior and member of the Student Service Committee. “A lot of women are trying to juggle school, home, work.”

This year, Ashford students raised $465, which will support the Family Resources/Sexual Assault Resource Center. Nardi said she hopes the money will go toward continuing to raise the awareness spread in Ashford’s parking lot.

Saints of Stilettos

Some Ashford participants look more nimble than others in the 100-yard two-way dash involving stilettos, grocery baskets and child car seats.

Tuesday was a way to put a positive spin on a sensitive subject — abuse. Male students and faculty members donned heels, jockeying for 100 yards while holding cell phones and carrying dolls in car seats. In a fun way, it forced men to consider the perspective of the opposite sex.

Before a series of races, Nardi and fellow student, sophomore Megan Black, told peers about the true purpose for the event. Anything involving physical, sexual, emotional or psychological harm constitutes domestic violence, and it’s the leading cause of injury to women.

“We try to bring up the facts in a fun way,” Black said. “Being a girl, as it is, domestic violence is something we need to emphasize and teach everyone else about.”

Saints of Stilettos

While these heels are meant for the ladies that didn't stop male Ashford students from donning them in a clumsy relay to raise domestic abuse awareness on Tuesday.

This is the third year Ashford held the event. Word has spread to the point where people begin, in the winter, looking forward to wearing stilettos.

Freshman Casey Culver was among several who tried on heels. While he didn’t win his race, he said it was worth his while to support a positive cause.

“I like to raise money for the awareness of it all, and it’s nice to do something fun for that awareness,” Culver said. “It definitely gives me a new perspective on this.”

Event organizers feel that every year they make a broad impact on the campus. Students gain annual awareness about a societal problem, and it’s a cause many can get behind.

Saints of Stilettos

Ashford men on Tuesday hold dolls, wear stiletto shoes and simulate cell phone conversations, a fun way Student Services attempts to give males a perspective on some of the struggles women face.

Once again, students gathered and came away with the message that abuse must end. Nardi is proud of Ashford’s progress and looks forward to continuing to make an impact.

“We hope that this goes a long way to affect people,” she said.

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