The Clinton City Council on Tuesday will again meet away from City Hall due to continued mechanical issues. 

The meeting will instead be held at the Ericksen Community Center, 1401 11th Ave. North at 7 p.m.

Because of the venue change, the scheduled animal control ordinance hearing will be postponed until the Sept. 11 meeting when it can be broadcast on channel 18.

The council will, however, address a number of other items including the possible adoption of an identity theft prevention program that would allow the city to collect social security numbers.  

If the ordinance is passed Tuesday, the city would still need to implement other policies and procedures to collect the social security numbers.  The numbers would be collected mainly from renters in order to ensure payment for city sewer use.  

Because of an Iowa law, the city can no longer place a lien on the owner’s property for a renter’s unpaid bills.

Collecting social security numbers would allow the city to collect through the Iowa income offset program.

The City Council will also possibly adopt the revision to the noise control ordinance that would alter what noise-emitting events or organizations are exempt.  

The Committee of the Whole, immediately following the City Council meeting, will discuss a number of items including the franchise agreement between the city and Alliant Energy. The agreement would span 25 years and features language that would allow the city to instate a franchise fee.  City Attorney Jeff Farwell explained to the Internal Operations Committee last Tuesday that the city would need to go through additional legal proceedings before instituting a fee and currently has no plans to do so. An Alliant spokesperson also stated the fee language is common in many agreements with cities.

The committee of the whole will also discuss agreement between the city and Community Health Care, Inc. for development of a previously unused piece of city-owned land.

Community Health Care would use part of a $9.6 million grant to build a facility that would serve low- income residents as well as those with no insurance at the former Turner Iron and Metal site, 241 Third Ave. North.

The item was also forwarded by the Interal Operations Committee.