CLINTON — The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency discussed possible improvements to its disaster planning at a board meeting Thursday. 

CCASWA Director of Operations Brad Seward reported that the solid waste building did not sustain considerable damage from the tornado on April 9. Seward said that it did come close, however, as several properties in the neighboring area did sustain damage. He said that the response plan went the way it should have. 

“I will say our tornado evacuation response plan went extremely well,” Seward said. “Obviously we only had two people here. We met, we went through it. I was a little high strung. I’m not going to lie. I’ve never seen one in person. It’s the last one I want to see in person.” 

As a result of the storm, Seward said there are a couple things he would like to do so that the agency is better prepared for a similar storm. Seward said disaster planning and management discussions are taking place. Seward also stated he has signed up for a disaster debris management class through Clinton County Emergency Management, which will take place in May. Seward also explained he is planning to explore a formal “continuity of business” plan.

“We don’t have a formal ‘continuity of business’ plan,” Seward said. “But as I’m sitting there, knowing that there’s a tornado potentially two miles away, thinking to myself what are the next three weeks going to be like. What are the next three months, what are the next three years going to be like. And to be honest, it may have not been just one building, it could have been all of them.”

Seward also expressed that he wants to have a place off site to back up data. He explained that a storm similar to the one a little over a week ago could have damaged data, with no way to get it back. He said different types of backup, such as a fireproof file cabinet or a safe, could have been blown away if the tornado had hit the solid waste agency building.

“I know Barker Lamar has a plan,” Seward said. “I’d like to look at other options. I wanted you to know that that’s on my plate this year. I want to get this going because once is too close and twice would just be completely foolish.”

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