The Clinton area will host an unprecedented visit on Monday and Tuesday as Iowa Department of Transportation Director Paul Trombino and all seven IDOT Commissioners and staff tour the area’s major transportation projects and invite the public to share their transportation visions.

“It’s an honor,” DOT Commissioner David Rose, of Clinton, said of the visit.

The DOT performs the tours four times a year throughout the state, but the visit to Clinton will provide some idea-sharing opportunities other areas haven’t had yet.

On Monday, the group will tour the area beginning at the airport, followed by an extensive tour of the railport and a stop at the Eco-Center. 

They will then head across the South Bridge out to the intersection of Illinois 136 and U.S. 30 where they will turn to return to Clinton over the North Bridge.  

Rose said the group will also be shown 19th Avenue North before heading to Sabula to look at the Savanna-Sabula bridge.

“As a commissioner, we always like to think about regionalization. What does it do for the region?” Rose said.

The group will discuss what it saw during a workshop Monday afternoon. Following the workshop, they will be taken on a boat ride to view the Union Pacific Bridge, as well as area locks and terminals.

After a day of touring, the commissioners, director and staff will regroup at 8 a.m. Tuesday at Rastrelli’s. All of Tuesday’s events are open to the public.

In the spirit of regional collaboration, Rose worked with Trombino to bring in a special guest to the events on Tuesday — Illinois DOT Secretary Ann Schneider.  

Beginning at 8 a.m the group will hold its general meeting followed by a roundtable discussion about the issues that affect both states.

“That should be really interesting. It’s the first time it’s ever been done,” Rose said. “We’re on the border of the state. We have to work together.”  

At 9:30, presentations from 12 delegations including the Iowa-Illinois Highway Partnership and representatives from Iowa City, Bettendorf and Highway 20 will begin.

A meet and greet with the delegations will begin about halfway throughout the delegations’ presentations in order to give the representatives a chance to meet Trombino, Schneider and the DOT commissioners.

“The good thing about listening to delegations is you find out what other people are thinking and working on,” Rose said. “Iowans don’t have bridges to nowhere. They have really good projects that will help their state grow or their community grow. Delegations start with citizens.”

Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich, who will attend the meeting, said he is excited for the ideas from across the state to be shared in Clinton.

“This will bring a group of people to Clinton that may not have been here before. We’re anxiously looking to see what other cities are doing,” Vulich said.

After the delegations have given their presentations, citizens can sign up as an unscheduled delegation to share their highway transportation ideas.

The event is expected to conclude around 1 p.m.