Severe Weather Awareness Week kicked off on Monday with a tornado drill at the Clinton County Administration Building.

Area businesses will be conducting tornado drills this week, said Emergency Management Coordinator Chance Kness.

Kness will be helping to monitor the statewide tornado drill at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

“We need to do it (the drill) so everyone has it fresh in their minds,” Kness said. “Ideally we do it more than just the one time.”

Kness felt that the more time between drills, the less people may remember about storm safety procedures. He also added that each time a drill is held, they find new ways to improve the plans and procedures.

Administration building employees and visitors moved downstairs during the 10 a.m. drill.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Brian Schmidt was thankful to Kness and the rest of the Emergency Management department for holding the drill. He felt it is important to drill on these plans, especially during this time of year when conditions are favorable for a storm.

Schmidt pointed out that school children participate in tornado drills and felt that it is important for the county to follow their lead. He said drills allow people to know the correct actions to take immediately in severe weather situations.

Schmidt again thanked the Emergency Management department for getting the storm plans set and implementing them.

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