Telemedicine benefit OK'd

CLINTON — The city of Camanche will offer a telemedicine benefit to its employees at the city’s cost.

The Camanche City Council heard a presentation from Group Benefits last month about offering city employees a telemedicine benefit. The benefit will cost the city $10 per month per each employee who decides to opt into the program. City Administrator Andrew Kida last month said the cost for the city to provide the benefit to its employees is approximately $2,000.

“In my opinion you’re probably going to see half to two-thirds of the folks that would use it opt in,” Kida said. “It wouldn’t be a huge financial issue for the city to take on. And in thinking about the whole thing the city did recently receive a $7,900 dividend payment for not having any kind of serious workmen’s comp situations. That was all money that we did not intend to get that we didn’t account for. In my opinion, spending $2,000 of that in their return at the max wouldn’t be that horrible a situation to do for the employees.”

Kida recommended the city not offer the incentive to retirees, saying they retired under a defined benefit. He said the retirees will be allowed to opt in themselves and pay for the benefit.

A motion to offer the telemedicine benefit at the city’s cost was approved on a 3-1 vote. Council members Brent Brightman, Tammy Campie and Danny Weller voted in favor of the motion. Council member Amber Metzger voted against the motion. Council member Paul Varner abstained due to possible involvement in the telemedicine benefit.

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