Tour to honor Fulton historian

Submitted photoA historic plaque will be on public display for the first time Sunday in the south section of the Fulton Township Cemetery during the Walk in the Cemetery event, sponsored by the Fulton Historical Society and Fulton Township Trustees.

FULTON, Ill. — A stroll through an area cemetery this weekend is dedicated to a Fulton historian.

The Walks in the Cemetery tour slated for 2 p.m. Sunday at the Fulton Township Cemetery is dedicated to the memory of Wayne Bastian. Bastian visited the cemetery often and wrote many historic articles and poems about the location, creation of the cemetery organization and many people buried there.

“I think were I to leave Fulton and never return, what would remain most vividly in my memory would be the Hill, known to most people as Fulton Cemetery,” Bastian wrote in 1956. “The fact that four generations of my family lie there is a contributing factor but I have visited the quiet place frequently in preparing articles for this column and names that originally were only names now have a special significance for me.”

The Walks in the Cemetery will be held Sunday and June 24, with the south cemetery being on tap for this weekend’s program. Attendees are asked to meet at the flag pole in the Ellipse section of the south cemetery. Entrance is off Third Avenue. Golf carts will be available to take people up the hill.

The cemetery’s restorations efforts have centered around nine activities, including redoing nearly all roadways, removing deteriorated borders around family plots, replacing deteriorated walls around family plots built on steep hillsides, resetting large monuments, straightening stones around the large monuments, clearing brush and stray trees that had encroached on our north boundary of the North Section, cleaning stones and monuments, power washing the cement borders and walls on steep hillsides that were not removed or replaced and planting trees around the edges of the cemetery.

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