CLINTON — After approving a payment for the new Clinton County Law Enforcement Center project, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors heard an update on that project Monday.

The Supervisors approved a claim payment of $801,539.24 during their Monday meeting. Clinton County Building Maintenance Manager Corey Johnson told the group that, with the addition of the approved payment, roughly 20 percent of the project’s total cost has been submitted.

Johnson told Supervisors that “multiple things” are covered by the most recent payment, including “site work” and “piping” initiatives on the project.

A brief update followed the approval of the payment resolution. Supervisors were informed that 36 of the scheduled 66 future jail cells have been delivered to the site, with the remaining set to make their way to Clinton in the coming weeks. This includes what was called the new facility’s “control pod.”

Masonry workers are also now on site to begin work on the facility’s maintenance garage, with underground electricians for “Area B” of the project following roughly the same schedule. Underground electrical work for “Area A” has been completed, the Supervisors were told.

In the update, Supervisors were given a rough timeframe of April for when the walls and roof will be completed for the facility. Anxious to see the project come to fruition, Supervisor Tom Determann expressed optimism at the pace of construction in the near future.

“We should see a lot of progress in the coming months,” Determann said.

Johnson said every aspect of the project has now been bid out, and that “all underground surprises” have been taken care of.

“All your underground work is done besides there is one plumbing line that we will be hooking up, and I think they’re going to start digging that out next week,” Johnson said Monday. “That’s the main sewer line of the building. So, 99 percent of your underground work for the project is done.”

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