CAMANCHE — Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis has been re-elected to serve a second term as Camanche's mayor, while the city council will see three new faces after three current council members did not win re-election, according to unofficial election returns.

Willis, elected to a two-year term, defeated challenger Amber Metzger, who currently sits on the city council. Willis gained nearly 70 percent of the votes, defeating Metzger 716 to 307. Metzger has two more years remaining on her term as a city council member.

The city council will see three new council members. Brent Brightman, Tammy Campie and Danny Weller each received over 500 votes in gaining election to the city council. Each will serve four-year terms.

Brightman was the leading vote-getter, with 621 out of 2,934 total votes. Campie received 583 votes and Weller received 548 votes.

The three new council members will take the place of current council members Marvin Lind, Jay Saxon and William Wruck. Saxon came in fourth place with 484 votes. Wruck received 313 votes and Lind received 273 votes. William Simpson also ran for city council, receiving 112 votes.

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