Raisin Horn, from Davenport, is the new priest at Christ Episcopal Church in Clinton. Find out more about her in this week’s edition of Meet Your Neighbor.

How have your first three months been getting acclimated to Christ Episcopal Church?

I’ve been surprised at how easy it’s been to fit into Clinton even though I don’t live in the community. I think it’s because the people are very genuine, easy to be with and like to laugh together. I remember in the interview process in the winter I was taken by surprise because we had a lot of conversations but I could tell the people here are down to earth and work hard. I got a real sense of that community that’s knit together very well and felt as though it’s easy to be part of it quickly.

Where did you work before coming to Clinton?

Well, I had a nine year position in Iowa City at an Episcopal church in Iowa City. I also was a chaplain at the University of Iowa for the Episcopal campus ministry. And during that time one of the programs that I directed was a free breakfast program for the community called Agave Cafe. We fed anywhere from 75 to 100 people in the surrounding community every Wednesday morning. I would consider that one of the more fun things that I got to do.

When did you decide you wanted to become a priest in the Episcopal church?

I was so young that I don’t even remember what age I first went to church and found that mystery that really drew me in but I do remember being seven and announcing at the dinner table that I was going to be a nun when grew up and my mother said, ‘Oh honey you’ll get over it’. I had a sense that walking into a holy space something was happening there that I wanted more of so I didn’t really plan for it. I have always loved music and felt God’s presence through music very deeply so I went into study music and didn’t really imagine a life working in the church until much later.

What do you do during your free time?

I love to have no scheduled events. We also love to walk in Vander Veer park in Davenport. I’m very much a garden and flowers person and we don’t have time to keep up a garden the way we would so I love walking in other gardens. That’s one of the reasons this church called to me because they care for this garden and it’s beautiful. I think that’s all part of the creative world that God gave us. I love old movies and I love to spend time with our son, daughter-in-law and 9-month-old granddaughter. We are first time grandparents this year. The whole family is musical so my favorite thing to do in our family is we sit around and we read music together. I also play the viola and a couple of other members of this parish are string players and we get together sometimes and play music for fun.

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