CLINTON -- Mayor Mark Vulich issued a statement Wednesday to members of the press and the Clinton City Council.

The statement reads, "In light of the recent controversy in the press, I have requested the City Attorney provide a formal opinion on the permitted uses of increased gas tax revenues. Further, I have asked the City Attorney to request an opinion from the Attorney General on this question. Ultimately, these opinions may be moot, given the recent statements of members of the legislature and the DOT Commissioner that legislative or regulatory changes may be promulgated to provide more restrictive guidelines for the use of the funds.

City Administrator Kinser will be providing detailed information showing how current road use tax dollars are dispersed, as well as job descriptions for workers in the Street Department.

I am urging the City Council to delay any action on the use of the Road Use Tax funds until the City receives the legal opinions it seeks, as well as any further guidance which may be forthcoming from the legislature.

As I stated in the Committee of the Whole on April 7, I believe the City should be sure it bases any decisions concerning the use of the new Road Use Tax funds on a sound interpretation of the Gas Tax legislation. It is the City Council’s prerogative to vote on the use of the funds. As Mayor, I have no vote on the matter, but it is my responsibility to ensure the City observes all laws, rules and regulations which apply to any action.

I will continue to keep you apprised of developments as they occur."

Read what DOT director Paul Trambino had to say Tuesday about how the gas tax funds are to be used:

City officials responded Tuesday to statements indicating their proposal to use the additional gas tax revenue for street maintenance employees is 'unacceptable'


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