CLINTON — A new, less invasive option for carpal tunnel surgery is coming to Clinton, starting later this month.

Tyson Cobb is an orthopedic surgeon at Quality Care Clinic and Surgery Center, 2745 Lincolnway. Cobb is Mayo Clinic trained and a teacher. He has been working for about a year with the developers of Sonex, which is a micro invasive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Cobb helped to develop the ultrasound guided micro-invasive carpal tunnel release procedure, utilizing Sonex SX-One Microknife. Cobb said the benefits of the procedure include safety and recovery time for patients.

"The minimally invasive technique is performed with the aid of ultrasound through a very small incision the size of a pencil eraser and allows for faster recovery, less postoperative pain, and less postoperative scarring," Cobb said.

Cobb said the biggest benefit of the procedure is the earlier recovery time from the procedure. He said through the procedure they avoid the use of stitches. Cobb said they use tiny incisions and patients are able to have functioning use of the hand and wrist area within a day.

Cobb has done the procedure in Davenport over the past year and is excited to bring the procedure as an option at Quality Care Clinic and Surgery Center in Clinton. Cobb said they will start evaluating candidates for the procedure at Quality Care beginning Sept. 22, with the right candidates for the procedure to be determined after the evaluation.

"We evaluate everyone on a case-by-case basis," Cobb said. "We have to look at the anatomy and use the ultrasound to make sure there is no abnormal anatomy. We do a thorough evaluation to make sure they are a good candidate for the procedure."

Cobb is the first surgeon to bring the carpal tunnel surgery procedure to Iowa. He said a lot of work went into preparing to unveil the procedure in Davenport and now in Clinton.

"All procedures done in Davenport have went well and we are excited to offer this opportunity for this procedure in Clinton as well," Cobb said. "All patients have recovered rather quickly from the procedure and have been very happy with the ease of the recovery."

The Sonex SX-One Microknife is a surgical device enabling micro-invasive carpal tunnel release through a single four to five millimeter micro-incision under ultrasound guidance or with a traditional mini-open incision without ultrasound guidance. The minimally invasive technique can result in a faster recovery time and minimal scarring. The incision in the procedure is up to five times smaller than that during traditional surgery. The device enhances additional protection of nerves, blood vessels, tendons and other sensitive and variable anatomic structures during the surgery.

The results of the procedure is a low trauma surgical environment associated with faster pain relief and recovery. Immobilization is not necessary, allowing patients to begin rehabilitation.