GOOSE LAKE — A total of 91 large group speech students, led by Jennifer Huling, Matt Bolahan and Rachel Pasker, represented Northeast School District at the District Large Group Speech Contest hosted at Monticello High School.

The team prepared 32 events in 11 categories and earned 14 Division I ratings and 18 Division II ratings.

“We’re glad some of our performances got great reviews today and are headed to state, but many did not and accepting a judge’s opinion is part of speech," Huling said. "We’re proud of the work and effort every student put into their events this season.”


Broken Mind. Participants are Audrey Morris, Blake Thompson, Erica DeLarm, Ian Stetzel, Moira Murrell and Richie Edens.

English Made Simple. Participants are Bryce Guilliams, Michael Mulholland and Valerie Spooner.

P.E. is Required. Participant is Laura Richards.

KOLD. Participants are Breckin Heath, Jenz Bahnsen, Morgan Hines and Quillen Schroeder.

Level Up. Participant is Kerstin Shecterle.

All Summer in a Day. Participants are Abbigail Moraetes, Antane Nelson, Beth Lamp, Clarissa Jacobsen, Dakota Wilke, Emma Ketelsen, Gracie Gerth, Katy French, Nolan Holdgrafer, Sierra Wegener, Valerie Spooner and Zebediah Cox.

Replay. Participants are Cora Leonard, Cora Wiersema, Grace Trenkamp, Morgan Hines, Paige Bauer and Taylor Flemming.

Don’t Worry About It. Participants are Blake Pataska, Kaleb Schneider, Kayla Kennicker, Keenan Bredekamp, Makena Franks and Riley Anderson.

A Toothy Tale. Participant is Grace Trenkamp.

The Note. Participants are Amber Friedrichsen, Aubreigh Machande, Camryn Kelter, Keidyne Machande and Santiago Bravo.

Group Improvisation. Participants are Blake Pataska, Garrett Kientopf, Jenz Bahnsen and Marcella Kientopf.

Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Participants are Chad Williams and Isabelle Clarke.

Shrek the Musical. Participants are Chad Williams, Garrett Kientopf, Ireland Knapper, Isabelle Clarke, Katelyn Howe and Laura Richards.

Isolation. Participants are Amber Friedrichsen, Erica DeLarm, Ireland Knapper and Miya Messerich.


KGKO. Participants are Amadeo Porras, Kolton Banker and Nathan Ketelsen.

Late Night at the Toy Store. Participants are Aubrey O’Dell, Brooke Petersen, Colton Holdgrafer, Evan Empen, Hannah Feddersen and Kristen Petry.

Adopted. Participant is Micayla Martin.

Ghost Hunters of Route 666. Participants are Abby Krause, Brooke Kucera, Kesley Holdgrafer, Nolan Holdgrafer and Thomas Machande.

Group Improvisation – Solving a Mystery. Participants are Aubreigh Machande, Camryn Kelter, Haley Snyder and Samantha Dann.

The Terrible Things. Participants are Alysse Marx, Alyssa Pessman, Bryn Hartman, Claire Abbot, Cora Leonard, Katie Matthew, Kristen Petry, Makenna McDonald, Marcella Kientopf, Miya Messerich, Moira Murrell and Molly Holdgrafer.

Group Improvisation – Hiking at night. Participants are Nathan Ketelsen, Jessica Meyer and Zebediah Cox.

KORN. Participants are Aleigha Robinson, Dakota Wilke, Emma Garien, Emma Ketelsen, Gracie Gerth and Michael Mulholland.

In the Darkest of Times. Participants are Aleigha Robinson, Amadeo Porras, Beth Lamp, Ciera Krogman, Jessica Meyer and Sierra Wegener.

GAMA. Participants are Blake Thompson, Brooke Petersen, Bryn Hartman, Evan Empen, Ian Stetzel, Jacob Crow, Matthew Bebense, Quillen Schroeder and Samantha Dann.

Tech Meltdown. Participants are Abbigail Moraetes, Brooke Kucera, Emma Garien and Micayla Martin.

Cinderella. Participants are Ciera Krogman, Clarissa Jacobsen and Katy French.

Group Improvisation – Putting Together a Jigsaw Puzzle. Participants are Abby Krause, Kesley Holdgrafer and Antane Nelson.

Broken. Participants are Alecca Gray, Allyse Marx, Caelan Machande, Carly Hasken, Haley Snyder, Jacey House, Jacob Crow, Katelyn Howe, Katie Matthew, Kerstin Shecterle, Natalie Spooner, Nate Bailey, Sam Lueders and Tory Sullivan.

Group Improvisation – Being on Iron Chef and you can’t cook anything except mac and cheese. Participants are Breckin Heath, Cody Pridemore and Keenan Bredekamp.

4 is the Loneliest Number. Participant is Bryce Guilliams.

The Other Room. Participants are Alyssa Pessman, Bree Mangelsen, Caelan Machande, Keidyne Machande, Molly Holdgrafer and Taylor Flemming.

War of the Worlds. Participants are Alecca Gray, Bree Mangelsen, Carly Hasken, Claire Abbott, Cody Pridemore, Colton Holdgrafer, Hannah Feddersen, Jacey House, Kayla Kennicker, Makenna McDonald, Marisa Heine, Matthew Bebense, Natalie Spooner and Tory Sullivan.

The State speech contest will be hosted Feb. 3 at Linn-Mar in Marion.

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