CLINTON — Clinton City Council members are set to be a part of a kind of "orientation" program in the coming weeks, according to City Administrator Matt Brooke.

The short sessions, which will be attended by small groups of council members, are aimed at merely reiterating council protocol and refreshing the memories of the council members regarding various regular council practices.

Council members also will see updated city property and equipment, Brooke told the group Tuesday.

"What we want to do is kind of do one-on-one with you all...we would really like to get this done specifically before January starts," Brooke told the council. "Any specific item at all you guys would like to discuss, definitely we'll take the time to do that."

Brooke said the plan is to take council members on various Municipal Transit Authority and solid waste and recycling routes as well. Though the sessions are planned tentatively for all council members, the city administrator said Tuesday that much of the focus will be placed on newer or first-time members such as Seth Odor and newcomer Bill Schemers.

For current and seasoned council veterans, the orientation will mostly consist of things they've heard before. Odor, and even more so Schemers, will benefit from the training, Brooke said.

"We'll go through council meeting protocols, all the voting procedures, how you do motions, and all that good stuff," Brooke said. "(City Attorney) Pat O' Connell will provide some open meeting laws, public records laws, ethics, conflicts...just to reiterate for that. We'd also get into some current city issues."

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