DES MOINES — The fraud trial for a former lottery worker accused of fixing the Hot Lotto game in an attempt to win a $14 million jackpot was delayed Monday, but officials said the case has prompted them to heighten security.

Eddie Tipton, 51, of Norwalk faces two counts of fraud for allegedly altering the program of a random-number generating computer used for the Hot Lotto game in 2010.

Tipton’s trial was scheduled to begin Monday but his defense attorney sought a delay just before jury selection began and a judge reset the trial for July 13.

Tipton was the director of information security at the Urbandale-based Multi-State Lottery Association when prosecutors contend he bought a ticket on Dec. 23, 2010, at a Des Moines area convenience store. He picked his own numbers that six days later won the jackpot.

He’s accused of devising an elaborate scheme involving a New York attorney and acquaintances in Texas to try to collect the prize. As an employee of the lottery association, an Iowa Lottery vendor, Tipton was prohibited by Iowa law from playing the lottery.

Tipton had worked for the lottery association since 2003. As information security director he had access to the secure room housing the random-number generating computer.

The Multi-State Lottery Association is a nonprofit owned and operated by 37 member lotteries, mostly state-run lotteries including Iowa.

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