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John Rohlf/Clinton HeraldKathleen Ward is back in the LumberKings front office as the Director of Food, Beverage and Hospitality. 

CLINTON — Kathleen Ward is in her second stint in the Clinton LumberKings front office. She moved back to Clinton from Arizona to move closer to family. 

Ward is originally from Wisconsin and graduated from Thomson High School in Thomson, Illinois. After graduating from high school, she attended college at Scott Community College and Hamilton Technical College. Some time after college, she moved to Arizona, where she was a health coordinator for eight years, before moving back to Clinton because she “wanted to be closer to family.” 

When she returned to the LumberKing front office in 2010, she initially started as the Grill Director. Ever since 2013, she has served as the Director of Food, Beverage and Hospitality. She doesn’t regret moving back to Clinton, adding that she really enjoys her job. 

“I do love my job here a lot,” Ward said. “It is very exciting.” 

One of the things Ward and the front office staff are getting used to is the increased use of technology. Ward says they have started a new program called Bottom’s Up, which involves the use of an iPad. Ward says this was something new for her but thinks she and the staff are becoming more comfortable with the change. 

“This year we started using an iPad which I’ve never had,” Ward said. “We’ve already gotten good with it and I think it will help us in the long run.” 

When she left her job in Arizona, she knew she needed to find a job that involved interacting with people. Her days often begin with getting a shipment and involves checking to make sure they have enough food and beverages for the fans at the games. 

When Ward moved to Arizona, she quickly noticed that people in Arizona are not as friendly as the people in Clinton and the Midwest. She says that is one of the main things she missed about Clinton and is happy to be back. 

“After living in Arizona, the one thing I realized is that the people in the Midwest are the most friendly people,” Ward said. “Moving to Arizona made me appreciate the people here. What I will miss about Arizona is the 365 days of sunshine.”

When she is not working, Ward enjoys being outside. She likes to bowhunt and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She also likes to spend time with her family and says the members of the front office are like a second family to her. 

“Working here it’s like we’re a family,” Ward said. “We get really close and even yell at each other like a family would.”  

Herald Staff Writer John Rohlf can be reached at jrohlf@clintonherald.com.


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