Siren upgrade

The siren upgrade is in process. The new siren can be seen on the trailer.

CLINTON -- Today the Exelon Corporation will be upgrading the siren located on 13th Avenue North in Clinton.

The American Signal T-135 siren will replace an American Signal P50. During the regular monthly test of the system yesterday, the siren failed.

The new siren will include a battery back-up system which will allow the siren to remain functional during a power outage.

According to a press release, the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency does not anticipate needing to activate the siren system during the brief time that it will take to make the change; however, back-up plans are in place to alert the public should a situation arise.

Severe weather is possible late today (April 8) and Thursday, and the new siren should be in place in advance of that threat.

This is a part of a larger siren upgrade project. Exelon Corporation has a total of 43 sirens in the Quad Cities Nuclear Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). The EPZ includes a 10-mile radius around the plant property. The upgrades for the Quad Cities Station starts in May 2015 through 2016. A total of $1.8 million will be spent towards upgrading sirens throughout the Midwest area nuclear stations.

Upgrades in the Midwest region have been going on since 2013. A press release will be issued by Exelon once their system upgrade is complete.


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