Recently our fellow YWCA Board member, Jennifer Graf, wrote a letter to the editor about a campaign at YWCA Clinton to raise money for improvements to the men’s locker room showers. YWCA Clinton welcomes hundreds through their doors each day to make use of their fitness facilities, resulting in a lot of wear-and-tear on the facility; in this case, the men’s showers. It was clear they were no longer meeting our members’ needs and, simultaneously, their leaking was leading to unnecessarily high water costs for the facility. We knew we needed to make repairs beyond our normal maintenance, and we asked you to help.

We began with a $1000 grant from the Atalanta Foundation and were hoping to raise another $3000 with our “Spring into Action and Help Bring our Showers into Bloom” fundraiser. With flowers and raindrops created by our youth and childcare departments, we decorated our lobby as you generously donated to the project.

We are happy to announce that this fundraiser was a success! Through many generous donations, both large and small, we were able to raise an additional $6520, well exceeding our fundraising goal. With these funds, we were able to completely replace the eight showers in the men's locker room with new Moen fixtures. With the additional funds raised, we were also able repair two ceiling fans and install two new toilets to further help save on water. We’re not done yet, though; the men’s locker room will soon see fresh paint on the benches and walls.

On behalf of the YWCA Board of Directors, we would like to thank everyone who donated towards this campaign. Every dollar that we are able to raise for the showers, meant that we did not have to divert funds from our other programming like our Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness Prevention programs that provide critical housing and case management resources to families facing homelessness in our community. YWCA Clinton may be a fitness center to many of us, but to others it’s a solution to homelessness, a trusted childcare provider open until midnight when others are not, a provider of high-quality preschool programming and a safe and engaging place for youth to go after school. We are thankful for those who helped improve our fitness offerings while protecting our other programming. We are thankful to have such a supportive community who stands behind us in our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, standing up for social justice, helping families and strengthening our community!

If you have any questions on the shower fundraiser or would like to donate toward future facility enhancements, please contact our Fund Development Director, Emily Gipe at or 563-242-2110, ext. 303.

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