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Sameer Ansari is Clinton High School’s 2017 valedictorian and will head to the University of Iowa in the fall to study Biochemistry. Find out more about him in this week’s edition of Meet Your Neighbor.

Sameer Ansari is Clinton High School’s 2017 Valedictorian and will be heading to University of Iowa in the fall to study Biochemistry. Find out more about him in this week’s edition of Meet Your Neighbor.

What does it mean to you to be valedictorian?

It’s great to see that all the hard work that I have put in these past four years has paid off. Since freshman year, I have been number one in my class so just progressing through that and all the hardship that I’ve had to go through with school and with all the extracurricular obstacles in the way, it’s a great feeling. My brother was number one in his class and my friend two years ago was valedictorian, so it’s cool that I’m following in their footsteps also.

What extracurriculars were you a part of?

Future Business Leaders of America, Student Council, National Honor Society, Iowa Youth Congress, Quiz Bowl, Mayor’s Youth Commission, Letterman’s Club, 3.0 Club, tennis, cross country, robotics, Real World Design Challenge, and Raising Student Voice and Participation. I don’t know if I’d be as successful as I was in high school if I didn’t do extracurriculars. One quote I kind of try to live by now is by Mahatma Gandhi. It goes “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

What do the next five years look like?

Well, I hope to become involved at Iowa. I hope to continue to pursue my goals of becoming a physician. I want to start volunteering at the hospital. Hopefully I can get through college and get into med school; that’s the number one goal right now.

Who is your biggest influence?

I would definitely say my dad. I’ve never really sat down and talked to him about everything that he had to go through to come to Clinton and raise me. I’ve heard so many bits and pieces and it’s just unbelievable. He’s been through a lot and it’s just amazing what he was able to do. Of course I’m really proud of him and grateful for what he has done for me.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

Future Business Leaders of America was the one organization that had the most impact on my life. I had the opportunity of serving on the local level as president and then also on the state level as state president and then on the national level I served on the North Central Region board. There are eight states in our region and I helped facilitate those FBLA chapters. We have a conference in the spring and what we usually do is we try to get scholarships for these events so you can compete in intro to business, finance, accounting, stuff like that. We wanted to provide a small scholarship of $100 to 150 to the first place winner. Last year, when I wasn’t president, they were able to get maybe like $2,000. This year I chaired that committee and we were able to raise I believe around $5,000 and because of that a lot more people are going to the national conference just because we were able to provide more money for them and offset that cost.

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