Rachael Keating/Clinton Herald

Diane Michele Volrath stands with her horse in her Camanche studio, where she makes 3-D stained-glasses flowers.

Diane Michele Volrath makes 3-D stained-glass flowers in her studio in Camanche. Find out more about her in this week’s edition of Meet Your Neighbor.

What did you do before starting your glass flowers business?

I ran Cake Creations in Davenport for 17 years but I had to close down because I developed baker’s asthma.

What makes your job unique compared to office jobs?

I’ve had office jobs before. I used to be an accountant. Now I get to go out and see people. I’m not just in a cubicle punching numbers. I don’t survive very well unless I can see the outside.

How is it working with a horse in your office?

Copper is fun and she smiles at you. She loves drinking coffee. When you give her a little sip of coffee she’ll tip her head back and smile. This winter a family brought their kids and took pictures in the snow with the horse. My studio is not off limit to kids by any means.

What is your busiest holiday?

Probably Mother’s Day, around the May and June time. Valentine’s Day is huge. I sell more Valentine’s Day than I do Christmas. We do long-stem, red rose bouquets.

Why do you love your job?

I love my job because everyday is different and I’m always creating a new flower and it’s never the same twice. It can be snowing in the middle of the winter and I’m in here making flowers with the music loud.

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