CLINTON — A Dubuque woman pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony forgery charge.

Kylee J. Schmalfeldt, 24, of Dubuque, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court and pleaded guilty to forgery, a Class D felony. The state will recommend a suspended sentence and the minimum fine. Schmalfeldt will be responsible for restitution for all counts. The state will dismiss a charge of fifth-degree theft at sentencing with costs assessed to Schmalfeldt. The court deferred acceptance or rejection of the plea agreement until sentencing, which is set for 9:30 a.m. Sept. 8.

According to the affidavit, on Feb. 26, a male made a complaint with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office that someone had stolen some of his checks and one was presented at the QC Mart in Welton on or about Feb. 24 in the amount of $39.67. The male reported he lived in Toronto, Iowa, from November 2015 through January 2016. He left his checks behind when he moved out, and when he returned later to get them, he discovered they were missing. The sheriff’s deputies interviewed a separate male who advised several people had been at the residence after the male had moved out, including Schmalfeldt.

The affidavit states the affiant spoke with the manager of the QC Mart who reported their system showed Gregory’s check had been processed electronically in the store on Feb. 24 on or about 7:33 p.m. She provided the affiant with video surveillance from the store. The video showed a white female with shoulder length hair and wearing glasses present the check. The female purchased, among other things, Budweiser beer. In the video prior to presenting the check, the suspect female can be seen speaking with a second white female by the store entrance.

The affidavit continues the affiant interviewed the QC Mart clerk who was working on Feb. 24 and conducted the sale. The clerk reported he did not know the suspected female who presented the check but did know the second female with whom the suspect spoke with by the store entrance. The clerk identified the female with Schmalfeldt.

The affidavit states on March 11 the affiant and a deputy went to Lost Nation and met with a resident there. The resident advised the female, who was seen on the video with Schmalfeldt, lived at the residence but was not currently there. The affiant showed the resident a photograph from the QC Mart video surveillance footage. The resident identified the female who presented the check as Schmalfeldt. The resident said he knew Schmalfeldt as she had stayed at his residence previously.

The affidavit continues later that day, the affiant and the deputy met with and interviewed the female who was seen on video with Schmalfeldt. The female admitted to being at the QC Mart. She said she went there with Schmalfeldt, who admitted to having a checkbook from a male. The female said Schmalfeldt purchased beer at the QC Mart.

The affidavit states the affiant obtained an Iowa driver’s license of Schmalfeldt, which was taken Jan. 28. The affiant also located a Facebook profile in the name of Schmalfeldt which included photographs. The affiant compared the driver’s license photograph and Facebook photographs to the QC Mart video surveillance. The female in the surveillance footage was identified as Schmalfeldt.


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