CLINTON — A man on Thursday was ordered to serve concurrent sentences not to exceed 25 years and not to exceed 15 years for two felony charges.

Adrian L. Huycke, 25, appeared Thursday in Clinton County District Court for sentencing for first-degree burglary, a class B felony, and felon in possession of a firearm as a habitual offender, a class D felony. Huycke pleaded guilty to the charge July 5.

District Court Judge Mark Lawson ordered Huycke to serve an indeterminate term of incarceration not to exceed 25 years for first-degree burglary and not to exceed 15 years for the felon in possession of a firearm charge. Huycke will not be eligible for parole until a three-year minimum is served. Lawson stated incarceration was mandatory for the first-degree burglary charge due to it being classified as a forcible felony.

Lawson ordered the sentence on the possession of a firearm charge due to Huycke’s criminal history, the involvement of the firearm in the commission of the offense and for community protection. The sentences were ordered to run concurrently. They also were ordered to run concurrently with five separate cases. Huycke was not ordered to repay attorney fees not to exceed $1,200. One count of first-degree robbery was dismissed at sentencing, with costs assessed to Huycke.

According to the affidavit, between 10:16 p.m. and 10:34 p.m. May 19, 2015, three individuals pulled into the driveway of a residence. The vehicle was approached by Huycke and Lucas Kokjohn, both armed with handguns. Kokjohn also pleaded guilty Thursday for his role in the incident.

Huycke and Kokjohn ordered the three individuals out of the vehicle and into the residence. The three individuals were all ordered to lie on the floor and had their pants removed. One individual was asked where the guns and money were at in the house, court records state.

The affidavit states Kokjohn watched the three on the floor as Huycke went to the second floor of the residence.

The affidavit continues one individual was able to retrieve a handgun he had hidden by where he laid and fired at Kokjohn. The male hit Kokjohn, who returned fire at the male. The three individuals all ran from the residence.

The affidavit states at 10:57 p.m. May 19, 2015, the Clinton County Communications Center received a call from Mercy North Emergency Room, stating they had a male subject who was admitted with multiple gunshot wounds. Multiple officers responded to Mercy North ER. They identified the male subject with multiple gunshot wounds as Kokjohn. Kokjohn told the officer he was shot from behind as he walked down the street somewhere in the south end of Clinton. The officer observed multiple pellet wounds all over Kokjohn’s body.

The affidavit states blood samples were collected as evidence from the residence and sent to the Iowa Department of Public Safety DCI Criminalistics Laboratory. A DNA profile was developed from two of these samples and matched the known DNA profile of Kokjohn. Two spent nine millimeter shell casings were recovered inside the residence in the area Kokjohn was at when he fired his gun at the victim. Three spent shells fired from the victim’s gun and two live shells were collected as evidence. The pellets were consistent with the type of ammunition the victim had loaded in the handgun he fired at Kokjohn.

A records check showed Huycke and Kokjohn were both convicted felons.