Thanksgiving is over, so today (or last night) represents our annual attempts at bowling over people we were previously thankful for the previous day.

And if you're in the mood for some other "holidays," you can always get your fill on Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday or Giving Tuesday. It's time for many to go out and find the wants of friends, family members and groups. Those desires shouldn't only be focused on our loved ones and hobbies. We should look to the city and discover what's needed to spur more growth and make this a better place to live, work and play.

We could call it "City Wish List Sunday" since that appears like the only day not currently occupied by some-sort of retail gimmick.

In the last week, we've seen city officials already putting those wish list items together. City, state and national officials toured project areas involving Mill Creek Parkway and North River Drive. The city has already submitted a grant to four-lane the parkway and extend the road from Main Avenue to U.S. 67. North River Drive also is something that has garnered discussion during city meetings, too, which would extend Riverview Drive north to the Lyons district.

City officials also heard financing information this week in preparation for the upcoming budgeting sessions. And not surprisingly, the city's finances are in much better shape than in years past.

That creates more room for creating a wish list for "wants" instead of just focusing on the "needs." For many years, the city of Clinton has been fighting to just stay afloat. That's not the case anymore for the most part, so this budgeting session should offer some more possibilities. Maybe the desires of citizens is to have lower taxes. Maybe it rests more on better amenities. Or maybe it's committing more energy to major projects.

It was nice to do a story this week on a still-forming committee focused on wayfinding. Wayfinding wouldn't necessarily climb to the top of the chart of basic needs of a city. But pretty much anyone who didn't grow up here (and many who are Clinton natives) understands that signage isn't one of the city's best assets.

Wayfinding has been one of those glaring weaknesses that just hasn't gotten any attention, likely because there were other pressing needs thrust ahead of it. Now, it appears to have gotten the city's attention, so we'll see where it stacks up with other priorities.

Budgeting time is always an opportunity to be reflective on what will make the city better. The city looks to be in a better position than in past years, so it's imperative to let your voice be heard on what the city's main priorities should be in the next few years.

In this time of buying, giving and understanding the desires of those near us, take a look around and develop your own city wish list.

Scott Levine is the Associate Editor of the Clinton Herald. He can be reached at scottlevine@clintonherald.com or @ScottLevineCH on Twitter.

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