This time of year brings about every possible thing to pick in the NFL.

So before the major prop bets take shape, there's one final item to wager on before the AFC and NFC Championship games begin. Sportsbooks to bet the Super Bowl  have odds on the exact matchup for Super Bowl 52.

And it's no surprise that a Minnesota vs. New England matchup is leading the pack for the most probable Super Bowl 52 matchup.

New England beating Minnesota is at +200, while the Vikings defeating New England is +300. Even though oddsmakers believe in the Eagles more than the Jaguars, they're not sold on any other team defeating New England.

New England beating Philadelphia is at +350, but for the Eagles defeating the Patriots, the value is much higher. Oddsmakers are pegging Philadelphia beating New England at +1000, so obviously oddsmakers aren't expecting much out of any other team than New England or Minnesota.

And if you're feeling really lucky, you could back any outcome in a Jacksonville vs. Philadelphia matchup. Both outcomes are at +2000.

Obviously oddsmakers are backing the favorites this weekend and that makes sense. You still have much better value now than you'll get in the coming days with a moneyline pick, so booking either New England or Minnesota is your best bet.

New England presents the worst value at the moment, but it's still better than what you'll see just before the Super Bowl. Taking either New England or Minnesota in that matchup is the best way to go before the official Super Bowl matchup is known.

Scott Levine is the Associate Editor for the Clinton Herald. During his free time, he blogs about fantasy sports and handicaps games. Check out more at Against The Chalk. 

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