In 2015, Clinton Community College students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community were invited to share six-word stories about their CCC experience. Perhaps these six-word stories will inspire your own. Enjoy!

· CCC: helping me build my future.

· Generosity made my dreams come true.

· Adult learners, endless opportunities: Welcome here!

· No HS diploma? 2nd chance: HiSEP

· College opens eyes to the future.

· College: It’s time to get serious.

· First day of college – utterly lost.

· Second day of college – I’m found.

· Study today – you’ll be thankful tomorrow.

· College opens doors to endless possibilities.

· Early mornings, late nights: college life.

· When is the test? Today?! Crap.

· Sometimes we like to play Ping-Pong.

· Words cut deeper than a blade.

· Writing papers: so much fun (sarcasm).

· “Good enough” is not good enough.

· I am “learning how to learn.”

· Empty hallways and loud, cluttered minds.

· Exercising freedom and wasting time wisely.

· We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We DO!

· High School. Job. Laid-off. College. Success.

· Surrounded by people, yet still alone.

· Inspiring the masses, with outdoor classes.

· Challenging. Humbling. Perspective changing. Fulfilling. Nursing.

· Lost my wallet, found my desires.

· First student. Then tutor. Now transfer!

· Exploring new classes, making memories last.

· Challenge. Concentrate. Communicate. Collaborate. Confidence. Commencement!

· Logged out. Pulled plug. Found life.

· What if I said, “What If?”

April is Community College Month.

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