• By Taylor Armerding Columnist

Political endorsements generally don’t mean all that much. But they can be revealing — as much about the endorser as the endorsee.

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Walking out the door to my car Thursday morning, I had to stop, take a deep breath and remember that this is only temporary.

  • David Helscher

Tax season is over and you have received your refund. Maybe your net earnings, due to the lowering of tax rates, have increased.

  • Eunice Zhang University of Michigan

Artificial sweeteners are everywhere, but the jury is still out on whether these chemicals are harmless. Also called non-nutritive sweeteners, these can be synthetic — such as saccharin and aspartame — or naturally derived, such as steviol, which comes from the Stevia plant. To date, the U.S…

  • State Rep. Mary Wolfe

The Iowa General Assembly adjourned for the year on May 4 after passing a lot of bills that I supported and some that I didn’t. One bill I voted no on is Senate File 359, aka the “fetal heartbeat bill,” aka the “six-week abortion ban bill,” which has been signed into law by Governor Reynolds…

  • By Margo Hansen

For more than 25 years, a local nonprofit group Clinton Trees Forever has planted more than 3,000 trees around the community. Trees have been planted in area parks and around all public and private elementary, middle and high schools. Large numbers of trees have been planted along the U.S. 6…

  • By Barbara Mask Special to the Herald

Two of the most magnificent views in Whiteside County are located within the city of Fulton, Illinois — the view from “the hill” in the south section of the Fulton Township Cemetery and the other view from “the hill” with its sunset slope to the Mississippi River in the north section of the …

Big projects require many hands to help. And those major undertakings also generate plenty of questions, that require answers.

  • Bob Hoffman

Family, friends, connections — these all fill important roles in our lives. We are created as social beings. We are made to be in relationships.

  • By Dalton Delan CNHI News Service

For several weeks now, my dormant Facebook account, which has a decade of cobwebs on it, has been pushing emails telling me to “let Ed know you’re thinking about him.” Long inured to these reminders of the fake community of Facebook, I ignored all these notices.

  • Taylor Armerding

John Kerry, former senator and secretary of state, is not and should not be in any danger of prosecution for allegedly violating the Logan Act for his recent “shadow diplomacy” or “back-channel” effort to preserve President Obama’s deal with Iran over delaying its development of nuclear weapons.

  • By Jessica Slocum

One in seven women suffer from postpartum depression. It crosses all socioeconomic classes, races and religions. No woman is immune. May is postpartum depression awareness month. I am one in seven, and here is my story.

  • Lisa Howes

I would venture to guess that most of us have heard of the United Way organization. I would also guess that many in our community do not understand what this organization actually does. I was this person before becoming involved with the United Way of Clinton County, Iowa.

  • by Matt Parbs

Recently a donor dropped off a collection of Frank Ward’s early Eclipse Lumber documents. Over the last couple of years, Frank’s grandson, Ed Ward, has visited the museum. He has shared the story of his father, John, and grandfather, Frank. If the Ward name doesn’t ring a bell, most of the r…

  • Mary Wolfe

The last “official” day of the Iowa Legislature’s 2018 session was April 17, 2018, and thus normally by now we’d be done or at least winding things up; however, there’s still several important bills – including eight budget bills – that need to be passed by both chambers before we can adjour…

  • State Sen. Rita Hart

Iowans deserve a tax system that is fair to everyone and increases prosperity, but many believe the system is rigged against them. It doesn’t help that Iowans had to wait too long for their state income tax refunds two years in a row, that the state budget is a mess and that legislative lead…

  • By Roger Hill

It is my pleasure to take pen — or in this case, computer — in hand to write about my appreciation for Clinton Community College. I received an Associate Degree from CCC in May of 1967, 51 years ago. I enrolled in the fall of 1965, part of the first group of students to make use of the new b…

  • State Sen. Rita Hart

Thank you to the large number of Clinton residents who came to the open house, informational presentation and tour at the former Ashford Campus last week.

Who knew getting older could be so difficult?

When I first met Brian Clem in January 2016, I won’t say I didn’t necessarily believe him, but I was skeptical.

  • Norlin Mommsen

With all of the strides being made at the state level to improve the mental healthcare system in Iowa, this week I want to talk about a program that is picking up speed right here in District 97.

  • By David Helscher Clinton National Bank

Much of the past 18 months has been marked by its lack of volatility. This led to a sense of complacency by market participants. Since the end of January, market gyrations have returned. The moves over the past two months have shaken the markets out of its lethargy. Participants have also be…

  • By Erin McHenry-Sober For CNHI News Service

Following the success of the West Virginia teachers strike a month ago that led to a 5 percent pay raise, teachers throughout the nation are rising to demand better conditions and better pay. The latest example is Oklahoma, where teachers in several schools, including the 10 largest school d…

  • By Karen Vickers

April is Community College Month. As a college, this month offers us the opportunity to celebrate our college and those associated with Clinton Community College. It is always a fun month for us with lots of activities on campus. I invite you to celebrate with us throughout the month.

My heart wants to buy the argument that paying slightly more for elected officials will encourage new candidates to run for local government seats.

  • By Randy Meier Special to the Herald

If you are a regular reader of this column, you’ve read about all manner of scams, frauds and rip-offs, and probably wondered, “Do they ever catch those guys?” That’s a question I get about every time I speak to a civic group. And the short answer is, once in awhile, the crooks are caught.

  • By Norlin Mommsen

Throughout this session, the Iowa House of Representatives has been working hard to advance health care solutions for Iowans all across the state.

  • By Margo Hansen

There are simple, fun, inexpensive ways to add greenery to the window sill while we patiently wait for spring to arrive. These are kid-friendly projects even though I find myself doing them out of habit or maybe even desperation to see something green.

  • By Kendra Evers Special to the Herald

CLINTON — The lower level of the library will be closed due to the staff area being remodeled. The Friends Bookstore will be closed as well. The area will reopen once the modeling is completed and the Friends Bookstore hours will resume.

  • By Cheryl Mullenbach Iowa History Writer

“I have not given up hope but what my husband was saved in some way,” Carrie Toogood Chaffee told a Minneapolis newspaper reporter in April 1912.

On Tuesday, National Agriculture Day was celebrated and the Agriculture Council of America hosted the event, which was recognized in classrooms and communities across the country.

  • By Kendra Evers Special to the Herald

The lower level of the library will be closed due to the staff area being remodeled. The Friends Bookstore will be closed as well. The area will reopen once the remodeling is completed and the Friends Bookstore hours will resume.

  • By Richard Jauron and Willy Klein

As green color spreads across lawns, homeowners are becoming anxious to get outside. It is important to remember that spring is a sensitive time for yards — the soil is spongy, the plants are tender and the weather is unpredictable.

  • By Randy Meier

Something turned up in the mail this week, which we’ve not seen for several years here. Several years ago, many people turned over postcards to me which they received through the U.S. mail. These postcards notified their recipients that they won a $100 gift card for use at Target or Walmart.

  • By Bill Ketter CNHI News Service

Three excited young women appear strategically for TV shots behind President Donald Trump at the podium as he addresses a fervid campaign rally in an airport hangar outside Pittsburgh Saturday.

  • By Andrea Witt Special to the Herald

Bickelhaupt Arboretum has been part of my family for more than 40 years. In 1979 my husband and I were married in spring under one of its massive oaks. It was a blue sky beautiful day that I trusted in so much, there was no back-up plan in case of rain. The birds serenaded us with their musi…

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