Legislators celebrate National Ag Day


Charlie Neibergall

This week on the hill we were honored to have many visitors from District 97 here at the capitol.

On Monday some students from Davenport were here to observe legislators at work and to learn about how the legislative process impacts their daily lives. While here they continued their advocacy for funding equity. This has been an issue that some Davenport students have been working with legislators to address for the past six years. While here, they were given the opportunity to meet with the governor and discuss their priorities.

Wednesday some constituents from the Cattlemen’s Association were here to discuss their legislative priorities for this session. They were in Des Moines for the Young Leadership Conference, and part of the conference was coming to the legislature.

Also on Wednesday we were visited by some constituents from Family Resources while here we discussed some of their legislative objectives. Family Resources is based out of Clinton, Scott and Muscatine counties. They work to meet the needs of families by providing programs and services relating to behavioral health, child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and survivor services.

They stressed the need for increased investment specifically relating to victim/survivor services. They informed me that shortages in funding in this area will limit the access that victims/survivors have to the resources they need to heal and recover. They also educated me on the need to ensure access to victims/survivors services which provide comprehensive and culturally competent services that provide safety and help families to heal after a traumatic event.

If you have interest in any particular bill or would like to know where it is in the process, please contact me and I will do my best to try and keep you up to date. You can also follow bills on the legislative website once you know the bill number www.legis.iowa.gov.

Iowa Rep. Norlin Mommsen is a state representative in the Iowa House of Representatives. His district covers Clinton County.

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