There have been some questions asked about the city of Clinton’s street and road construction this year. The city of Clinton’s overall budget is made up of many different funds or accounts funded by different streams of income.

During the last budget hearings we discussed ways and means that we could use to decrease our spending in regards to our general fund budget. None of which pertained to the city’s street and road construction projects. These projects are funded by the local option sales tax fund.

The city is preparing for yet another ambitious road construction season this summer. The city has begun to hold bid lettings for an estimated $1.3 million worth of road rehabilitation projects this year.

This year’s projects and the completion of last year’s street program will account for 88 city blocks of road construction. The sales tax street rehabilitation program includes asphalt resurfacing projects, full depth reclamation projects and concrete patching projects.

Asphalt resurfacing (mill and overlay) is a process in which the current asphalt surface is removed by the milling process and the street is subsequently paved with a new and improved asphalt surface.

Full depth reclamation is a process in which the current roadway surface and base are combined and recycled, re-graded, compacted and used as a homogeneous base for a new asphalt or chip seal surface.

For an interactive map of what construction is taking place around town, log on to or go to the Herald’s Facebook page.

Rodger Holm is the mayor of Clinton.