Clinton progressing to great future

It has been more than a year and half since I was first appointed to the City Council in a special appointment to fill the at-large seat vacated by Clinton County Supervisor Tom Determann. Since then, I decided to run for the 3rd ward seat and won last year against a great servant of our community.

In the past 18 months I have found that the city of Clinton is progressing to a great future. I wish it wouldn’t have taken me getting on the council to find that out. There are great things happening in our community despite what gets spread on social media. Just this week, we were informed that the city’s overall crime index has gone down 16 percent. Chief Gyrion and the police force are doing a wonderful job in keeping our community safe and clamping down on the drug problem that has been an issue in many smaller communities throughout rural America. The police are committed to a community mentality to show that they are not just trying to get the bad guys but that they are here to the benefit of all who need help in our community.

With the coming addition of an animal protection officer, steps are being made to protect animals and keep those who abuse them from having them. Not only that, they will provide preventative education throughout the community.

Beyond policing, the engineering department is working on their comprehensive plan to fix the streets and sidewalks that have been an issue plaguing our community for too long. Our city administrator loves our community and many of you have found that he is more than eager to help anyway he can to improve our community.

The Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Alliance, Lyons Business Association and the CRDC are continuing their efforts to attract and keep thriving industries in Clinton. The schools are constantly recognized for their outstanding education. If you want to talk about actual “fake news,” the idea that we have terrible schools fits that category. The addition of the Confucius International academy at the old Ashford campus is another great addition and opportunity for our community and I love all the welcome signs around town.

Turnout for community events such as the Fourth of July festival, the Clinton Half Marathon, and the downtown events surpassed many expectations. More individuals are getting out and celebrating our community.

Just get out and talk to your neighbor. Talk to the individuals visiting our dining establishments and local businesses. You will find that things aren’t as bad as what the prevailing attitudes are. It takes all of us caring for our community to make change happen. Does this mean there aren’t problems to figure out and work through? No.

But we must continue to make our city great. I encourage you all to voice your opinions, concerns, and even your positive feedback at council meetings. We are there to serve you and want to make this a place for great living, recreation, education and vocation.

Seth Odor is a 3rd Ward Clinton City Councilman.