Capitol visitors add their voices


Charlie Neibergall

This week we had department heads come before the committees to talk about their goals for this legislative session.

It was a bittersweet moment to hear Bill Northey speak to several of the agricultural committees. I would have wished to see him in D.C at this point representing the great state of Iowa, but it is always wonderful to hear how he is working for the betterment of agriculture in Iowa. One of the topics he spoke on was that of the Foreign Animal Disease Initiative and how it will develop procedures for dealing with diseases such as Hoof and Mouth and Avian Influenza.

This advanced preparation will help the state quickly contain and reduce the impact that these diseases will have on the Iowa economy. Part of this initiative was to create a partnership with the state’s commodity groups so they have input from the very beginning.

This week we had the honor to be visited by both Lieutenant Chad Cribb from Scott County and Sheriff Rick Lincoln from Clinton County who were both here representing the Iowa State Sheriff and Deputies Association.

They spoke to us about their legislative priorities and discussed what issues they would like to see discussed this session. Constituents John and Joan Maxwell also visited the capitol representing the Iowa Corn Growers Association. They have the opportunity to attend the Senate Agriculture committee while they were here, and hear Northey speak first hand.

The legislature is quickly gettingup to speed with many subcommittees taking place focusing on variousbills that have been introduced. Ifyou have interest in any particularbill or would like to know where it isin the process please contact me and I will do my best to try and keep you up-to-date.

You can also follow bills onthe legislative website once youknow the bill number at

Iowa Rep. Norlin Mommsen represents District 97 in the Iowa House of Representatives. His district covers much of rural Clinton County and part of northern Scott County.

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