Since I wrote my column last week, construction on my chicken house has really taken off. Now, my chicken condo is more than just framing — it has walls, a roof, a window and a door. My construction crew and I were very busy last week. Paul’s wife, Shelly, also has been helping, which is very much appreciated. Shelly and my dad spent all of Sunday afternoon and part of the evening insulating the walls and ceiling.

I spent most of my Saturday night and a portion of Sunday afternoon on the roof. I am not afraid of heights, but I did worry about falling off. I would tell my dad occasionally, “Just make sure Cordy is taken care of.” I suppose I could leave all of my money to Cordy like Leona Helmsley did with her dog.

Just like I love the man who made long underwear for my winter running escapades, I also feel a strong attraction to the guy who made work boots. I dug the toes of my work boots into my roof just to make sure I had a firm grip somewhere.

My dad did come up with one solution for my sore knees — gardening knee pads. According to his endorsement, these babies won’t move 1 inch. They are very stylish — green. I don’t think I want any pictures taken of me that day. So, watch out Martha Stewart here I come.

After I completed my roof work Saturday night, I sat there admiring the view. As I was massaging my legs, I looked out across the farm fields draped in crimson red as the sun was going down. It was truly breathtaking — then I had to get down!

Paul did a great job with my window. For some odd and unknown reason, I really love this window. I hope my chickens love it as much as I do.

I bought two old barn windows. So, it has a nice farm feel. Paul also put a latch on the window so it can swing open in the summer for ventilation. It looks pretty impressive. Besides some more framing and screen, that window will be finished. Then on to the next one.

The next phase of construction will include covering the insulation with paneling, framing the door and finishing the roof among other things.

My mom made a great suggestion concerning its cosmetic touches after all the construction is finished. She suggested adorning my chickens’ condo with hanging baskets. I have to admit I never thought of that.

After I paint the chicken house white, my mom said that I should hang my large, black tin star on the side of the building.

I have to say that would give it a nice touch. Gosh, instead of chickens living there, I could rent my building out as a quaint country bungalow. Just kidding.

My chicken columns are bringing back some happy memories for some readers, especially Clinton Herald writer, Mary Lou Hinrichsen. During my Friday night shifts at the Herald, I get a chance to talk to Mary Lou, which breaks up my evening and even more importantly she makes me smile.

She wrote me a very nice letter about when she started raising chicks. My favorite part of her e-mail was “Somewhere I have a picture of me standing on the back porch of our little farmhouse holding ‘my’ first egg.”

Well, Mary Lou I will probably have to capture my first egg moment too! I can’t tell you how good that first egg is going to taste. Scrambled eggs anyone?

Angie Bicker is the lifestyles editor with the Clinton Herald. She has been with the Herald since 2001.

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