Unity gearing up for new school


Unity Christian School is preparing to build a new, 45,000 square foot kindergarten through 12th grade facility, in the heart of Clinton.

Last fall, Unity purchased 20 acres of land, from Galbraith Estate, which is centrally located between 13th Avenue North and 19th Avenue North, just east of Pizza Ranch.

The school board of Unity made the decision that construction won't begin until 80 percent of the funds are raised through either cash donation or firm pledges to the project.

Unity has raised $3.7 million, 65 percent of the funds needed to get a shovel in the ground and start building. Unity's history stretches back to 1917 when a committee met to seed the idea of a Christian school in Fulton, Illinois.

From that humble beginning, Unity Christian School began in the fall of 1921 with 40 students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade in the basement of First Christian Reformed Church.

Through the years, the leadership of Unity moved faithfully as led by God:

• 1924 — Two-room school house built.

• 1960-1979 — Three separate additions made to the school building.

• 1983 — Unity purchased an additional building and became a K-12 school.

• 2005 — Unity purchased River City Daycare and became a pre-K-12 institution.

• 2008 — Unity purchased Fullerton Lumberyard in Clinton, enabling Unity to start an upscale thrift store, called Bargain Bonanza. Items are donated to the store (nothing purchased), the store is staffed primarily by volunteers, allowing in excess of $2 million to go to Unity in support of Christian education.

• 2016 — Unity abandons its elementary property and begins preparation to plan and move to their new campus property in Clinton.

Unity's mission is "In covenant with Christian families, Unity Christian School teaches students the truth from a Christ-centered perspective for lives of discipleship."

This project will accomplish some of the following:

• Have a generational impact not only on our institution, but also the area communities as a whole.

• Be a boon to the many Clinton businesses participating in the construction in their area of gifting and expertise.

• Be a blessing to parents as they make a choice how they want to educate their children.

• A primary blessing is the great outcomes of Unity, our graduates, that can impact area businesses and our communities for years to come.

Unity's families, faculty, and staff praise and thank god for his faithfulness to His people. In all things, to God be the glory.