Besides offering quality education at affordable prices, Clinton Community College has been and will continue to be a great investment you can make for yourself and your community. You may be asking yourself: “Why should I believe some college kid that I have never met or heard of?” I would like to share some of my experiences that I have had — in these halls, in this community, with the people who are our neighbors.

The staff of this college are among the friendliest people that you will ever meet. All of them go out of their way to make every student comfortable and able to achieve their goals. They truly believe in helping each student reach their full potential. These students, whether they be a kid coming straight from a high school, a student who is returning to college to get a better job to support their family, or a person looking to earn training in a specialized field; all of these individuals have a unique experience that you don’t find on larger university campuses. The wisdom of personal experience is indispensable when listing the benefits of this community college. 

I have gained knowledge in the classroom but I have learned more from the people who I meet in the hallways, who I meet in the auditorium, who share in my goals of earning a degree. The sense of community between everyone in this college truly motivates me to believe in a brighter future for this city. Never have I seen more motivated and selfless individuals than those I have met here. A piece of wisdom that I have witnessed and continue to witness in all my experiences is this: Ironically, selflessness in the best thing you can do for yourself.

Joe Wendel,



During the month of April we celebrate the important role played by Clinton Community College in the economic, educational and cultural life of our community. The education of all of our citizens contributes to a robust economy and a healthy community. An educated and skilled work force is a positive influence in attracting businesses and industries to locate here. Data shows that a community college has a huge impact on the economy of a community. The gains in local income provide economic returns that are many times the amount invested in the colleges. 

Clinton Community College offers a wide range of programs. These programs play an important role in the development of skills that businesses and industries are looking for when they locate. Students at the college are provided with extensive counseling services that help them choose a career, complete programs of study, and eventually find meaningful jobs. Clinton Community College offers programs for students of all ages to achieve their dreams.

Clinton Community College has transfer agreements with most public and private universities and four-year colleges in the area. Students will find that their education at the college has prepared them well to go on to other colleges including four-year degree programs.

Clinton Community College hosts many events throughout the year such as speech contests, art exhibits and leadership conferences. Programs are offered for people of all ages from high school through the retirement years. 

An education at Clinton Community College can be very affordable as well as convenient to the homes of students. Many scholarships are available thanks to generous contributions to the Paul B. Sharar Foundation. Contrary to public belief, very few of the scholarships are awarded based on personal or family finances. Most financial aid and/or scholarships are based on the person’s individual merit.

Richard Kissack,


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