I want share with you the story behind my six-word story. I graduated from Clinton High School in 1978 and my intention was to “take a year off” from my education. 

Needless to say, that one year off turned into 30 years. At 48 years old I decided to take my first class in college and I was hooked. I loved taking classes and learning about many subjects. I took classes early morning, evenings and sometimes during my lunch hour. I also took some classes online. In 2012, I graduated with my liberal arts degree from Clinton Community College. 

I decided to further my education and work towards a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. WIU took all of my credits from my liberal arts degree plus many additional credits that I was able to take at CCC. With the financial help of the Paul B. Sharar Foundation I was able to continue on and I will finish my bachelor’s degree this summer. I would like to thank the Clinton Community Schools for instilling in me the love of life-long learning and to all my instructors and co-workers at Clinton Community College, along with the Sharar Foundation who have helped me along the way to help me achieve my dream. Here is my six word story: 

Bachelor’s Degree

Summer 2015

Finish Starting Line

Jenny Green, 


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