Just when I thought the City Council could not do anything more idiotic they have proved me wrong again.

We are in the process of hiring another firm to do the job that we voted this council to do without spending $19,000 of the taxpayers’ money.This is totally ridiculous and their actions and decisions are getting way out of hand.

People could not wait to vote out the last council people and for what, we never got anything better that’s for sure. They just don’t get it and apparently do not want to even try. What part of needless spending do they not understand? We hire all these firms with our money to do what we elected them to do. If they cannot make a decision then get out and let’s find someone who can without wasting any more money.

The $19,000 would of made many improvements around this town that is much more needed then hiring a firm to tell us what we already know but apparently the council is either too stupid to realize it or just plain don’t care how they spend our money.

We have the personnel in house to move up and if Jessica Kinser knew anything about this department she would know the ones in line for this job have earned it and she should be ashamed for even mentioning this ridiculous comment. It’s time this council stepped up and do what they are supposed to do without wasting any more money.

In closing, I would like for this council to take a hard look around this town and if they are as serious about making this city a better place like they all say they are then look where all this money you all have agreed to spend for these ridiculous studies could have gone.

Ron Wynkoop,


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