At  721 S. Second St. stands a beautifully restored red brick building formerly known as the Armstrong Building.  The lower level of this building houses the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, the Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau (the tourism arm of the City of Clinton) and the Clinton Regional Development Corp.

The Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau has an established goal to maximize visitor potential to the City of Clinton including the Lyons area.  We invite anyone to come to our office weekdays from 9 a.m. to  5 p.m. In the lobby of the building you will see brochure racks with visitor guides, tourism brochures, membership guides and maps including a walking tour of Clinton.  

We also have volunteers who are very knowledgeable about Clinton history and they are more than happy to schedule a walking tour for interested persons.

On a stroll of the riverfront near the Showboat Theatre, you will also find the CVB kiosk which houses brochures, not only in reference to Clinton and Lyons area attractions, but also surrounding areas.  This kiosk is open morning to evening by an employee of the CVB office.  

Tourism in Clinton, Lyons and the surrounding area is the No. 1 goal of the CVB and we continually promote “Things to Do with a Riverview.”

Marsha Smith,

Director,  Clinton Convention & Visitors Bureau

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