A significant change has been in the works here at the Clinton Herald over the past few months and on Tuesday will be in full effect.

On that day, this newspaper will have made a complete conversion to morning delivery and news cycle.

It's been a project in the works for many, many months if you count the time spent considering and then planning for the switch from being an afternoon paper.

During the first week of October, the newsroom was the first to start operating on a morning newspaper schedule, with reporters working throughout the day and editors getting the content ready for the print publication at night and dropping the pages to press.

As that was happening, plans were made for our earlier printing schedule and our delivery plan to go into effect this month. Tuesday is the day that work will be fully in place.

What it all means is that if your paper is delivered by carrier, you will receive it in the morning by 8 a.m. If not delivered by carrier, you will receive it in the mail the same day it was printed.

This is a very large shift from how we've done business for years, with our newspaper delivered in the late afternoon or later if by mail.

But we knew the time was right to make the switch.

Gone are the days of writing a story and waiting until the printed edition – in our case the next day – came out to get it out to readers. News today is on a 24-hour cycle through websites and social media. Now the story goes online right away and the print edition, with the lengthier story, follows it up.

There are other benefits, too. The new schedule also allows the newsroom to extend its staffing throughout the day and into the evening, a great benefit for capturing more news. This, topped with the addition of a photographer to our staff roster, will mean more local news overall for our readers — something that has expanded even more with the new Lifestyle section we added into Saturday's newspapers starting Nov. 19.Features such as Meet Your Neighbor, our History in the Headlines column that has a local flare, a volunteer listing and the local Through the Lens feature photo page are just a few of the elements offered in our expanded Saturday edition.

And there are more additions planned on the horizon during this, our 160th, anniversary year.

As we continue to plan and prepare for continuing enrichment of what our daily pages offer, we want to thank our readers for subscribing both to our print and online editions. Newspapers are an important element in any community and we are grateful to those who turn to the Clinton Herald to learn about what is going on in the Gateway area, see what advertisers have to offer and learn more about their neighbors' accomplishments.