These days, it seems as though everyone is interested to know about from where they came.

Area residents with German heritage — and there are a large number of them in this region — are a prime example of that interest, with many wanting to know more about their background. That was evident in August 2004 when it was standing-room-only at a session about Schleswig-Holstein at the Clinton Public Library.

Now there is another chance for residents to learn more about that area.

Clinton Community College will be the site of a similar gathering about Schleswig-Holstein on April 22. Friends of the Clinton Public Library will present “The Colorful Past of Schleswig-Holstein” in the college’s auditorium. Special guest for the program is Professor Klaus Timm of Wentorf (Schleswig-Holstein).

Timm, who also was featured at the 2004 event, earned his Ph.D. in engineering and was professor of electrical engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of German Armed Forces, Hamburg, for 30 years. More than 100 of Timm’s ancestors immigrated to the United States.

He will speak on the churches of Schleswig-Holstein, Northfriesland and the whale fishing period and the return of the Vikings. The same program will be offered at CCC during two separate sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Those wishing to attend either one are being urged to preregister because of the high level of interest.

It is satisfying to learn more about who you are.

We’re glad to see steps have been taken to fill the desire for more education on the subject.