Clinton voters spoke in July when they rejected a $6.35 million referendum that would have allowed the city to convert the former Eagle grocery store on 13th Avenue North into a new police station.

Although almost 54 percent of votes cast favored the referendum, a 60 percent supermajority was required for passage. While the Eagle plan was defeated, the vote provided no answers on how to address the pressing issue of a police department that simply needs more space to operate effectively.

Now, the city is talking about going back to the voters for another $6 million question, only this time the work will include not just converting a standing building into a police station, but also work on the Chancy fire stations and improved fire facilities in Lyons, either at the existing firehouse or a new satellite facility altogether.

We’re glad to see creative thinking as part of the process. Getting one consulting architect to work on both projects together will hopefully give citizens an accurate picture of the public safety needs of the community. In this case, sitting still after the July vote was not an option — we need to have more space for the police department. Understanding that need, the City Council is moving forward.

There still are many questions to be answered. Where is the old building the police department wants to convert? Will the Lyons Fire Station remain in service or will a new structure be built on a two-acre parcel currently owned by the Clinton School District? How much will it cost the city to do the infrastructure work — sidewalks and such — the school district is requesting in exchange for the land?

We, as well as the citizens, need to know more about this project before deciding if it is worthy of approval. But there is plenty of time for that — the contract with the new architectural firm was just inked Wednesday, and the vote wouldn’t be until Sept. 19. Saying yes or no in January without knowing any details would be foolish.

We’re glad to see process and await the public debate over the merits of the plans as they come forward.