Finally it’s Friday never meant so much.

When residents gather for the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce event, “Finally Friday’s,” on Friday, Sept. 18, patrons can enjoy music, food and drinks and finally see what the marina has to offer. This event can help showcase the first-class marina to curious citizens and budding restaurateurs, while also providing a fun, family atmosphere on a Friday night. With the absence of Corn on the Corner and Art in the Park, “Finally Friday’s” can help fill the gaps left by those events.

The exposure garnered from the event can only lead to positive prospects in the future, and what better way to celebrate the end of a work week than on the city of Clinton’s identity — the river.

Hopefully the city can utilize this opportunity as not just another one-time event (a few other entities have used the marina as an event backdrop), but a springboard of what’s to come before a restaurant operator arrives. Rent the building to family reunions, receptions, holiday gatherings and any other occasion that arises.

Do not allow the building to sit empty any longer. Luckily it looks like the city finally took its first steps in finding a mainstay in the marina amenities building.

The City Council recently approved up to $7,500 for services in finding a restaurant operator and created a committee focused on the marina task. That decision is a far cry from the position taken a year ago when the council awarded $30,000 to a non-local consulting company. Those services rendered no results.

Mistakes happen, but why didn’t we pursue local business people in the first place? The $22,500 difference between services could have been used for goods like linens, tables and chairs, that could entice entrepreneurs to opening a restaurant on the river. Instead, we’re stuck with even more money being outsourced to find an operator and with the river closing soon, it could prove difficult to lure prospective restaurateurs.

We are optimistic by next spring or summer there will be a restaurant occupying the building. When that happens, the city and the business owner must market the facility, to keep the buzz high among the boaters from out of town.

Until then, there’s no better way to market the location than events like “Finally Friday’s” all year long.

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