City eyeing a long-term housing solution

It’s a little building at the corner of Sixth Avenue South and First Street in Clinton, but oh, how much it holds.


That building is the Clinton County Historical Museum, which is chock-full, to the top, of artifacts that define our local history. Some of the areas showcase themes captured in floor and wall displays. Books and newspapers, recorded data, soldiers’ uniforms, and memorabilia of all sizes and shapes – all can be found in that little building.

For years, the museum’s volunteers have known the joy each new donated item brings is accompanied by the need for a place to store it. And that no doubt, someday, the structure would be bursting at the seams.

Actually, that someday arrived about a year and a half ago — with volunteers continuing to take in items but having nowhere to put them.

In a Clinton Herald article last week, volunteers announced they are purchasing two properties, perfect because they not only will alleviate congestion in the museum but they are located right next door, to the south, of the current structure. A great attribute because, as we see it, moving all of those items to a new location would have been a very intense undertaking.

Some work will be needed before the buildings are ready, however. One of the buildings needs a new roof, a necessity when realizing that what is under that roof are one-of-a-kind pieces of Clinton County history. Walls will be knocked out, and a new walkway will be built tying the current and new structures together.

Our hope is that local residents will volunteer their time to help make those repairs or give a donation to put toward them.

Sharing our history with future generations is something that only can be done by ushering stories and items from the past and preserving them for the years to come. Following that up with an inviting place in which they can be showcased, and stories can continue to be told, is a gift we can give to others who follow in our footsteps.