Anyone who read the Clinton Herald last week, or even glanced at the front page in a vending machine, knows there were two damaging fires in the span of five days, displacing more than a dozen people for the indefinite future.

Unfortunately, those are stories we’ve told far too often this year. The Gateway Area Chapter of the Red Cross has responded to 27 “disasters” since July 1, assisting a total of 185 people. The annual disaster budget is $15,000, yet $78,000 has been spent. That doesn’t include four fires since June 5 with an estimated bill of $4,000.

The assistance provided has ranged from clothing, food, emergency housing and rental assistance to other emergency needs such as medications and eyeglasses.

To learn more about how to help the Red Cross, call the chapter at 242-5223. We need this presence in our community, and many of us can afford to chip in.

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