It’s been a week of very good news for avid swimmers in the Clinton community as the recently expanded Riverview Swimming Pool finally opened and the board of directors for the private Meadowview Pool announced enough money has come in to allow the pool to open this season, a complete reversal of earlier thoughts.

While Meadowview won’t be ready until later this month, the downtown Riverview pool seems to be in full swing as evidenced by the number of patrons enjoying the traditional swimming and diving areas along with the new splash pad and water-spraying lighthouse.

The city has scheduled a special day of activities on June 17 for all those wishing to get a firsthand look at the new facilities. Admission is just $1 for the entire day, with open swim scheduled from 1 to 6 p.m. There will be a dunk tank, tug-of-war, children’s pool games, a belly flop contest and more, all aimed at showing off one of the crown jewels of the city’s Vision Iowa project.

We’re thrilled to see how many people have come forward to support Meadowview Pool to salvage its niche in the Clinton community, and also overjoyed at seeing how well the new Riverview features fit into the overall park setting and really make our city pool something special.

Here’s hoping people will take advantage of these two facilities, not just on special days but throughout the swimming season. Both add to the community in terms of quality of life while also providing steady summer job opportunities for high school and college age students.

What would summer in the Midwest be without a pool to splash around in? Fortunately, we in Clinton don’t ever have to answer that question.

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