Letters to the Editor

In case you haven’t heard, times are hard in River Bend School District No. 2, and there is no money to spare. The hard-working, dedicated teachers in this district took the school board and our superintendent at their word, and agreed to a soft freeze on the salary schedule for the 2017-2018 contract.

This contract means that 31 teachers agreed on minimal increases (as little as $300) because there is no money to spare. This contract means teachers with the most experience agreed to give increases to the newest teachers who deserve to make a more livable wage than was first offered to them. This contract means that insurance, early retirement, stipends for extra duties and coaching, and longevity are all up for grabs in 2018-2019.

Given this information, I have just one question:

How could the School Board vote to give Superintendent Hogue and all the principals increases in their salaries at this time?

It’s true. Our Superintendent, Mr. Hogue gets a 2 percent raise plus a $1,500 education allotment. The principals, who are already among the highest paid administrators in area districts, get a 1.5 percent raise as well as a $1,500 education allotment. When put together this is over a 3 percent increase for the administrators, and as high as almost $4,000 for an individual.

The teachers took the hit again. Teachers continue to use their salaries to supplement materials for their classrooms, and donate hour after hour on evenings and weekends to do “what’s best for kids.” I’ll tell you what’s best for kids: teachers who feel appreciated and compensated for their efforts.

Carol Snyder

Fulton Elementary School, special education teacher

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