I am extremely disappointed in the city of Clinton’s proposed usage of increased Road Use Tax Fund monies.

These dollars, whether actually written or “in the spirit of the law”, need to be used to replace and repair roads within our state, counties, and local municipalities. 

I am not someone that gets excited about increased taxes ever, but this particular increase in a “user fee” is one that I actually spent time in our state’s capital lobbying for. 

I and the organization I stood for, Iowa Farm Bureau, lobbied for this increase because the crumbling infrastructure across our state is in need attention.

We have counties across our state that have bonded in the past just to keep up with maintenance on roads and bridges, Clinton County included. In my opinion many Clinton streets are in need of repair much like those across our state. So even if the legality of spending the money on equipment and salaries may be acceptable, I for one don’t appreciate the city of Clinton attempting to maneuver around the gray area of the law to hire people versus fixing poor infrastructure.

Matt Willimack, 


Matt Willimack is the president of the Clinton County Farm Bureau.

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