Imagine that you are living in a house that needs some work, but you are either physically or financially unable to get it done. It would be frustrating and in some cases unsafe to continue to live this way.

But a group of volunteers is working throughout Clinton to help their neighbors who need it.

Hearts and Hands is an all-volunteer group made up of members of the First United Methodist Church and community volunteers of all ages. The group helps local families with home improvement projects, which range from repairing and painting interior walls or ceilings, exterior painting, replacing broken windows, removing debris, cleaning basements, yard work and building handicap ramps. The purpose of the projects is to make homes more comfortable, safe and secure for the homeowners.

The group actually has been carrying out such work for about seven years, and recently hosted a communitywide workday where they completed projects at numerous addresses throughout the city.

At that time about 60 volunteers worked on seven projects, including landscaping at 842 13th Ave. South, building handicap ramps at 223 Eighth Ave. North and 1245 Eighth Ave. South, shingling a roof at 118 S. Sixth St., and painting houses on Harrison Drive, Prospect Place and at 536 Eighth Ave. South.

Most projects entail work just about anyone of any age can do and no specific training is necessary to help those in need in the community.

Does that sound like something you’d like to do?

Well, here’s your chance.

The Hearts and Hands program always welcomes new volunteers. Any area contractors who would be willing to donate their time, equipment or materials would be especially helpful. Work days are scheduled on Saturdays in the spring, summer and fall, depending on what is needed and availability of volunteers. There is a need for both skilled and unskilled volunteers of all ages. Area residents can volunteer on their own or as part of a team with friends. Also, another project workday is being scheduled for September.

We’re hoping that our readers will want to get involved in this program, as it is a way for people to stay in their homes and to make sure they are safe.

What could be a better way to give back to your community?

To volunteer with the group or to apply for assistance, call the RSVP office at 243-7787.