Mt. St. Clare Speech and Hearing Center gone?

Did you hear the trumpet sound? (Numbers 10). The announcement made in January that the Mount St. Clare Speech and Hearing Center is closing, not moving — closing?!

It would take a significant sum to allow them to relocate; however, this center is non-profit, and struggled to raise enough to replace their email service when it was removed from the Ashford service less than a year ago. How many people know that no one has ever been turned away if they didn’t have the funds for needed therapy?

To the Director and staff the work is not a job it is a mission, a call to help those who need therapy whether they can afford it or not. This we know from personal experience with our deaf daughter.

We are puzzled why there has not been response by the community, and in this newspaper to this tragic announcement. The sisters do not wish to carry on a fundraiser, and unless someone has a significant amount they wish to contribute to allow the center to relocate, we are dismayed that this shining gem of a service which means so much to those who have so little will disappear.

It is hard to estimate how many people have been helped in this community by the Mount St. Clare Speech and Hearing Center over its approximately 68 years. Uncountable thanks and God Bless You for all your years of devoted service!

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dymkowski, Clinton

Reader would pay more to keep public safety intact

I agree with the firefighters and police. I don’t like tax increases like everyone else, but if you buy a hamburger, steak or car, whatever, you have to pay for it. For the best in firefighting and police, let’s pay our way! Thank you. Let’s all do our duty and pay our way!

William “Rip” T. Collins, Clinton

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